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Solistone Commercial Asuka & Nara Porcelain & Ceramic mosaics
spacer ASUKA          
spacer SOLI Asuka Antique Ceramic Mosaic spacer SOLI Asuka Black Ceramic Mosaic spacer SOLI Blue Asuka Ceramic Mosaic spacer
spacer Antique   Black   Blue  
spacer SOLI Asuka Sand Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Asuka White Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Asuka Steel Ceramic Mosaic  
spacer Sand   White   Steel  
spacer NARA          
spacer SOLI Nara Antique Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Nara Silver Gray Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Nara Blue Ceramic Mosaic  
spacer Antique   Silver Gray   Blue  
  SOLI Nara Gold Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Nara Sand Ceramic Mosaic   SOLI Nara Concrete Ceramic Mosaic  
  Gold   Sand   Concrete  


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Disclaimer: SOLISTONE COMMERCIAL offers this guarantee: no two surfaces are exactly alike.
Color, veining, and texture will occur and is inherent to the beauty of our material.